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When will I get my cans?

1-2 days before you actually start service.


How do I pay my bill?

Over the phone by credit or debit card, online at, or mail a check to PO Box 5386, Fredericksburg, VA 22403.


How big are the trash carts?

Trash carts are 95 gallons which hold about 9-11 kitchen bags of trash and recycling carts are 65 gallons which hold approx. 6-8 kitchen bags of recyclables.


Will you pickup trash around my can?

Yes, always!


When will my service start?

The next trash service day for your area, unless otherwise specified. You will be notified by our office which day we pick up your location.


What can I recycle?

Cans, bottles, paper, plastic, tin, aluminum, dry cardboard. NO Styrofoam, plastic wrap, yard debris, carpet, wood, clothing.


Can I throw away paint, oil, propane or helium tanks?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept those items. You will need to take them to your local landfill.


What time do I put my trash/recycling out for pick-up?

The night before your scheduled pickup day.


Can I put out an extra personal can that is not Shifflett’s?

Yes, we will always empty any personal cans & take bags around them.  However, we will not empty another competitor’s can.


How do I get an extra trash or recycling can?

Please contact our office to add that to your service for a small, additional fee.


When is my bill due?

By the 10th of each month.

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Holiday Schedule

We observe the following holidays and these will likely affect your service day.

  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day

Pickups following a holiday all move back one day. We get back on the regular schedule the week following a holiday week.

For example: Memorial Day falls on a Monday, so service will be Tuesday, Tuesday service will be Wednesday, Wednesday service will be Thursday, Thursday service will be Friday, Friday service will be Saturday, and Saturday service will be Sunday.

Any and all snow days will be determined by management as they approach. Pickups following a snow day will be on a holiday week schedule.

Please note that no one will miss a pickup day due to a holiday.

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