Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service:

We are delighted to service your waste disposal needs. Before we can start service, we require all customers execute a Service Agreement and confirm that they have not contracted with another waste disposal company to provide the same service.
The initial term of this contract is noted above under length of contract. Once the term of the original contract has expired this contract shall continue on a month (1) to month (1) basis.


Payment Schedule:

Customer shall remit payment within ten (10) days from receipt of invoice.



A minimum of six months service is required unless you are moving or have an emergency military deployment. In the event customer wishes to terminate this agreement after expiration date of the original agreement, the customer shall give Shifflett’s Waste Service thirty (30) days written notice prior to the anniversary date of this agreement.

Payment Policies

Return Policy

  • Declined/returned credit card – $5 return fee.
  • NSF checks – $25 return fee.

Credit Card Refund Policy

All credit card refunds are subject to approval and are processed within 10 business days of approval.

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